Definition :
  • Check the production, guarantees the application on the ground of the politics of quality assurance led by the Management.

Job description :
  • Control part :
  • Based in workshop, be going to lean on instructions of control to verify conformity of parts in the course of treatment. In final to the last workshop, he guarantees on a certificate of compliance the adequacy : Order customer / order of internal manufacturing / made service.
  • Consultant part :
  • Assume an educational role of advice of the operators; watch the good use of qualifications delivered to the operators within the framework of the control of the processes.

Job conditions :

Work 35 hours per week in a 2 x 7 or whole day.

Competences needed :
  • Knowledge of surfaces treatments or painting.
  • Asserted personality, critical faculty.
  • Teacher, relational sense.

Recruitment conditions :
  • Experimented persons: unsolicited application
  • Beginner: BTS industrial automation / DUT physical measures / DU materials at least, then functioning in duet during variable time.

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