An example of a process developed by MECAPROTEC Industries-MPI, from the laboratory phase to industrialisation, is the the Zinc-Nickel process, which is of high value in the aeronautical industry due to the need to replace the existing cadmium-based process.

Thanks to the studies launched by MECAPROTEC Industries-MPI in partnership with its state scientific contacts, the development of the zinc-nickel co-deposition process achieved its first qualifications in the aeronautical field in Europe. Having its own electrolyte formulation improves a company’s control of operating parameters and bath ageing, and enables it to guarantee its customers a constant level of treatment quality over several decades. Today, the zinc-nickel process is integrated in the quality system and the orders are fulfilled by qualified operators. MECAPROTEC Industries-MPI is therefore the first surface treatment company capable of providing its aeronautical customers with a treatment that has been tried and tested in the automotive industry and which fully complies with aeronautical requirements.

The teams at MECAPROTEC Industries-MPIare currently working on other innovative replacement processes, such as fine sulphuric acid anodising, chemical conversion, etc.


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