MECAPROTEC Industries-MPI is certified according to the reference tables ISO 9001 and EN9100 since august 1997, testimony of its commitment in the quality management and of its will to answer the requirements of its customers.

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To strengthen this listening and customers orientation , MECAPROTEC Industries-MPI also made a commitment in the approach of accreditation NADCAP that became an indispensable requirement in this aeronautical context in full transformation.


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Qualifications processes


According to the definition of a special process such as described in reference tables quality, the conformity of a process can be verified only in posteriori towards specific controls and also from the elements of surveillance set up to secure it.

Its implementation must be subjected as a preliminary to a qualification of its installation under the responsibility of the client.

This approval results in a renewable authorization of production in the term defined by the latter. It is thus about a pledge of recognition of the know-how expressed by the processor of the implementation of the surface treatments on aeronautical part .

The qualified processes of MECAPROTEC Industries-MPI are listed through a list of capacity taking again the whole of the treatments according to the technical specifications of reference and clients concerned .


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