Working in partnership with public laboratories (the Carnot CIRIMAT Institute of the Paul Sabatier University in Toulouse, ELECTRODEP at the University of Barcelona), MECAPROTEC Industries-MPI conducts upstream research, which is essential for remaining proactive in terms of more environmentally-friendly chemical solutions.


Indeed, new environmental directives (e.g.: REACH) are prompting R&D projects to study substitute materials in order to avoid the use of substances and preparations containing Carcinogenic-Mutagenic-Reprotoxic (CMR) compounds, and to take action to reduce discharges of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs). This stringent legislation is forcing the industrial sector to adapt very quickly without decreasing quality and performance. 

MECAPROTEC Industries-MPI has therefore chosen to focus its research efforts on "cleaner" processes by setting up a dedicated structure that can intervene at each phase of a product's design, from the concept and transfer of technology through to the qualification process.

The Research and Development Laboratory

  • A €2 million investment, 1000 m2 of surface area, opened in August 2013.
  • 7 engineers (including 2 doctors)
  • 5 supervisors
  • 11 technicians
  •  1 PhD student
  • 1 engineer in training
  •  Collaboration with UPS (CIRIMAT) for 20 years and creation of a research unit in 1994.

13 research projects in progress



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