MECAPROTEC industries-MPI involves in a quality management system based on process approach to support the strategic orientations and to ensure the customer's satisfaction and the stakeholders. Established on the permanent improvement of our performances, skills and providers, our organization develops an initiative of progess centred on six principles :

  • Satisfy our customers

Answer at every level the requirements of our customers, by supplying them in time a compliant high quality product.

  • Improve our individual and collective performances

Develop our co-worker's skills and versability by facilitating the training and the professionalization.

  • Give the priority to the health, safety and environment

Prevent and control the major Risks. Insure the health and the safety of persons and material. Control and prevent environmental impacts of facilities, processes and services.

  • Measure the Performance of our Processes

Drive company's acivities with efficiency and performance while looking towards fulfilment of normative, regulatory, legal and others requirements in Quality, Safety and Environment

  • Improve our management system efficiency

Constant objective of all the co-workers to maintain the confidence and recognition of our customers, the permanent improvement is in the heart of our activities.

  • Managing risks

Control and manage the risks in order to reduce the level of criticality but also make it a lever of performance and source of opportunities for our company.