Protecting and improving the environment and ensuring employee health and safety are central to our business activity on a day-to-day basis. Implemented in 2001, this charter is the cornerstone of an integrated management system and constitutes one of our founding values, on which the company's credibility and efficiency are based.

The development and deployment of this charter reflect the commitment of MECAPROTEC Industries-MPImanagement to ensuring compliance with regulatory and other requirements. It sets out a joint responsibility, shared between the company's management and employees. In addition, it responds to the expectations of principal customers in the aeronautical sector in terms of meeting legal requirements and customer expectations, and anticipating new regulations.

To uphold this commitment, MECAPROTEC Industries-MPI undertakes to:

  • Comply with laws and regulations concerning the environment, health and safety,
  • Work closely with governments, companies, the general public and interest groups to promote environmental protection and safety,
  • Establish and maintain safe and healthy working conditions,
  • Assess, monitor and control any potential repercussions of our activities in terms of working conditions and ecology,
  • Reduce the negative impacts that processes might have on the environment and public health within the framework of a continuous improvement programme,
  • Prevent any pollution and major accidents and rapidly correct problems that could not be prevented,
  • Use natural resources efficiently and pursue efforts to reduce our requirements in terms of energy and water,
  • Reduce waste by recycling the waste generated and eliminating non-recyclable waste in an appropriate manner,
  • Consider environmental impact and safety as essential issues when assessing new projects, products or processes,
  • Promote awareness of environmental and safety issues at all levels through our training centre,
  • Regularly share information about the company's health and safety initiatives and its environmental performance with all interested parties,
  • Ensure its employees adhere to this policy and understand their responsibilities in terms of its implementation.

MECAPROTEC Industries now integrates these different aspects through its Processes Department, which anticipates increasingly stringent legislation and seeks safer substitutes to the chemical products used in order to move ever-closer to the concept of "green" surface treatment.

Our company believes that each employee working in our factory has a shared responsibility as regards safety and protecting the quality of the environment.

We ask all our employees to act responsibly in their work, and to be fully informed about the environmental and safety requirements


Chief Executive Officer