MECAPROTEC industries has an employment policy that is systematically linked to on-going occupational training.

Our business areas (surface treatment, aircraft painting, and non-destructive testing) are fields that are frequently absent from university or school curricula.

For this reason, in 1995, our company registered as an official French training organisation in order to train its personnel in house. Drawing on its in-house experience, in 2011 MECAPROTEC industries outsourced its training programmes by creating a dedicated training organisation: (registration no. 71 31 06241 31).

In this section, you will find a description of the jobs we often seek to fill through our recruitment, as well as the entire range of vocational training courses we offer to new recruits in order to provide them with the knowledge and skills to operate in our business, or to perfect existing skills.

Recruitment, job adaptation, training, improvement, qualifications recognised in the sector: you could follow this path when you join MECAPROTEC industries.



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