The paint application phase is carried out to finalise the surface treatment of a part. In all cases, the paint reinforces the protection of the material it covers and thereby increases its resistance to corrosion. However, paint is not applied uniformly everywhere and certain parts have areas that must be masked and/or where several layers of different paints must be applied. All this means that painting is a complex job.


Moreover, the REACH Directive is forcing paint manufacturers to review the constituents of their paint. For this reason, MECAPROTEC Industries uses ultra high-solid water-soluble paints. The company therefore has to use a wide range of different paints (more than 400 in total). These are added to the accreditation catalogue (which already has over 300 references) and makes the application of this process even more complex.

Services provided by Mécaprotec Industries:

Liquid paint :Peinture

  • Polyurethane, epoxy, vinyl, cellulose
  • Water-soluble paint
  • Conductive paint
  • Finishing varnish

Special coatings :

  • Solid film lubricants (Molykote, Molydal, etc...)


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