D-Labo-1To carry out its preliminary studies, the MECAPROTEC Industries-MPI  laboratory has gradually gained more material (analyses and characterisation) and human (four Materials engineers) resources.These test and physical-chemical inspection resources are supported during technology transfer by a scalable facility dedicated to the validation then industrialisation of each new process.






Pilot scale R&D line in the Laboratory

These resources are also made available to the customers of MECAPROTEC Industries-MPI to carry out consulting/assessment activities or when seeking a specific technical solution through feasibility studies.Recently, in collaboration with AIRBUS France, a development in the laboratory enabled alternative solutions for chrome anodising treatment to be tested on a large scale.



With the acquisition of high technology equipment (Atomic Absorption Spectrometer, Scanning Electron Microscope, etc.) MECAPROTEC Industries-MPI also positions itself as a subcontractor for chemical, microscopic and other analyses.

Our laboratory is accredited COFRAC 17025 N°1- 6910. See on www.cofrac.fr