Definition :
  • Insure the protection anti-corrosion of aluminum parts or in steels: Chemical, electrochemical conversions, electrolytic deposits.
  • Work realized on production line of surface treatment, manually or in commands of a bridge or in surveillance of an automaton.

Job Description :
  • Take the production order.
  • Realize the commands (made vary the parameters of treatment) according to ranges of manufacturing.
  • Store operations.
  • Check treatments according to the instructions of control.
  • Respect the procedures.
  • Participate in the maintenance of 1st level (contacts, levels of baths, orders of boilers).
  • Respect instructions of security, protection and hygiene.

Job Conditions :

Worked 35 hours per week in alterned team included night.

Competences needed :
  • Smell of the logistic organization.
  • Knowledge in chemistry.
  • Reading and interpretation of plans.
  • Knowledge of treatments to be made on parts.

Recruitment Conditions :
  • Experimented persons: unsolicited application
  • Beginner: preparation for the Certificate of Equal Qualification of operator's Metal industry Surface treatments on aeronautical parts (OTSPA) CQPM

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