The main purpose of surface treatment is to increase the protection against corrosion or wear on different types of parts before their final assembly and commissioning. These operations ensure that the parts concerned comply with applicable regulations and standards in the field. This represents a real advantage for MECAPROTEC Industries' customers who gain in terms of performance and lead-times.

We master all surface treatments that apply to the aeronautical sector: cadmium, phosphate, oxide, anodic, conversion and zinc-nickel coatings. Our expertise is supported by the requisite accreditations and certifications for carrying out our missions.

Services provided by Mécaprotec Industries:

 Steel and Stainless steel
  • Passivated cadmium coating (bichromate, white) or phosphoric finish
  • Zinc-Nickel coating (cadmium substitute)
  • Manganese phosphate coating
  • Passivation of austenitic and martensitic stainless steel


  • Chromic acid anodising
  • Tartaric-sulphuric acid anodising
  • Boric-sulphuric acid anodising
  • Sulphuric acid anodising (non sealed)
  • Chemical conversion (Alodine 1200)
  • Chemical milling (on aluminium and titanium)


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