Contents: 90 h

  • - Security, environment,
  • - Quality, control,
  • - Logistic, Organization in aeronautical environment,
  • - Surfaces Treatments (principles, surface preparation, chemical conversion, electrolytics deposits),
  • - Maps reading, handling problems first step,
  • - Personal accompaniment on chain for 40 hours.

Planning: 90h during 9 to 18 months.

Qualification tests:

  • - Professionnal tests,
  • - Evaluation by the person in charge of workshop,
  • - Evaluation by the comission of interrogation compound of 6 persons at least (Professionals' jury).

Training validated by Certificat of Equal Qualification of the Metal industry ( C.Q.P.M). N Qualification equivalent to a level IV (Bac Professionnel). The C.Q.P.M. gives evidence of the acquisition of the professional capacities necessary for the exercise of an activity. They are classified at levels recognized in the collective agreement of the metal industry.