As the aeronautics leader in surface treatment, MECAPROTEC Industries trains its personnel as Surface Treatment Operators on Aircraft Parts (OTSPA) and Aircraft Painters through a Joint Qualification Certificate in Metalworking (CQPM) or reference standards included in list 2 of the Joint Technical Group (GTP). This skills training provides its operators with independence and recognition of their capabilities.


Two types of qualifications are offered at the CQPM level



The CQPMs certify the acquisition of professional abilities necessary for performing an activity. They are classified into levels recognised in the collective labour agreement for the metalworking sector, and are qualifications equivalent to French level 4 (Secondary education vocational diploma).


  • Surface Treatment Operator on Aircraft Parts (OTSPA)

Training validated by the CQPM no. MQ 2004 10 31 0234.


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  • Aircraft Painter on elementary parts

Training validated by CQPM "Aircraft painter" no. MQ 2001 11 31 0207.


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Four types of qualifications are offered at the professional development path level


  • In-house qualification of operators: Our Training department also sets up customised training of more experienced operators in order to qualify their knowledge and provide additional information; the aim being continuous improvement at the work station and the link between new quality requirements and production. Thus, all personnel are part of a skill training-integration-development approach.

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  • FTSA training: aircraft surface treatment training

As part of its new laboratory, MECAPROTEC Industries makes its training infrastructure available to FTSA and offers personalised training courses to companies wishing to give their personnel basic or advanced training in the field of surface treatment.

FTSA proposes several training formats based on surface treatment, in-house or on site:

  • Production: surface treatment operator, aircraft painting, non-destructive testing operator (bleeding, magnetic particle inspection).
  • Related services: 1 day to 1 week initiation on surface treatments
  • Awareness of chemical risks

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  • New CND and quality control training