Definition :
  • - Assure the manual operations of preparation or finish on parts before or after painting.
  • - Work realized in workshop near the cabins of treatment.

Job description :

Acquaints of the order of manufacturing.

Preparation phase :
  • assembling parts before treatment,
  • Facilitate and optimizes the work of the pontonnier thanks to the grouping of commands,
  • save operations.

Dismantling phase :
  • Defuse the parts of their support after treatment,
  • Remove the reserves of treatment and makes a first visual control

Packaging phase :
  • Prepare the work for the service expeditions,
  • Follow procedures.
Job desciptions :

Worked 35 hours by week in alternated team included night.


Competences needed :
  • Taste for the manual labor in the contact of metallic parts.
  • Concentration and accuracy.
  • Smell of the logistic organization.
  • Reading and interpretation of plans.
  • Knowledge of treatments to be made on parts.

Recruitment conditions :
  • Experimented persons: unsolicited application
  • Beginner: training courses in alternation (contract of professionalisation young person or adult) preparing for the approved Title and for the Certificate of Qualification qual of galvanoplaste operator's Metal industry are regularly organized n the company(society) in partnership with the IFIP.

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