A typical example of process developed by MECAPROTEC industries, the stage laboratory until the industrialization, is the process Zinc-nickel the interest of which in the aircraft industry results from the necessity of replacing the process of cadmium plating.

Thanks to the studies introduced by MECAPROTEC industries in association with its public scientific interlocutors, the development of the process of co-testimony zinc-nickel ended in its first aeronautical qualifications in Europe. To possess its own formulation of electrolyte allows of better to master the operating parameters and the ageing of the bath, and to be able to guarantee to its customers a constant quality of the treatment on several around ten years. The process zinc-nickel is integrated into the system quality today and the realization of the orders is assured by qualified operators. MECAPROTEC industries is thus the first company of surface treatment able to offer its clientele of the aeronautical sector a treatment which showed its ability in the automobile and which respects the aeronautical requirements.


icone_labo.pngCo-deposit process icone_labo.pngCo-deposit

icone_labo.pngQuality system process and integration